A little more than a year ago, Tri Bourne and I published our first book together, Volleyball for Milkshakes. It’s a fictionalized tale of Bourne’s childhood, growing up on the shores of Oahu, spending his summer days playing volleyball and sucking down milkshakes at the famed Outrigger Canoe Club.

The response to that book has been amazing. Elementary schools in Hawai’i have used it as classroom reading. Bourne spoke at a few of those classes, going over the lessons we packed into the book — lessons we took from our podcast, SANDCAST, and translated them into little golden nuggets of fiction — asking them what they liked about it.

But for the past year and a half, the book has been print only, which you can buy on Amazon.

That changed this morning, as Volleyball for Milkshakes is now, finally, on audio! You can buy it on Audible, or wherever you get your audio books!

We had actually recorded the book over the COVID-19 pandemic, but the initial draft had a few issues with the audio, and when the season began again, and we began lifting, training, and I resumed full-time writing, the audio version was put on the back burner. However, since I returned from shooting a movie in Bulgaria — this is still insane to write — I had fairly abundant free time to revisit some projects. Volleyball for Milkshakes was at the top of that list.

We hope you enjoy!

Volleyball for Milkshakes is now on audio! Art courtesy of the lovely Nicolette Martin!

Praise for Volleyball for Milkshakes

“BUY THIS BOOK!!! I read it the first night I got it from Amazon – took about 2 and a half hours. It was super inspirational for myself as an avid beach volleyball fan. Sometimes we think that winning is the only metric that matters (guilty!) and this book teaches that it’s just one measure of importance and maybe not even the most important one. The real important ones are partnership, camaraderie, attitude and many other life lessons here.

There’s a super cool Auntie who reminds me of Bagger Vance. Part mystic and part coach/mentor. I don’t want to ruin the book but there were many parallels in mind between that book (which I loved) and this one.

I’m excited to pass this book along to my 15 year old teen who I’m sure will also love it. This book is great for all ages. It’s super entertaining and I couldn’t put it down until I finished it! You know it’s a special book when that happens!

Bravo to the very talented authors Travis and Tri!”

  • Larry Weng

“I bought this book to support the Sandcast Podcast guys, with plans to gift it to my friend’s daughter. And of course I wanted to read it myself first! It’s a quick read for adults, but I seriously LOVED it! In just 100 pages, the characters and story really take life and I felt like I was there with Tri during this Outrigger summer. Extra bonus for AVP fans that characters are named after the pros! Also, the end is touching and was the perfect finish to a truly great book.”

  • EE Mickelson

“I read this book cover to cover in one evening because I couldn’t bear the thought of putting it down for a second. Mewhirter and Bourne have a gift for writing and storytelling, and the book is packed full of lessons I know I’ll want to teach my kids someday. I bought additional copies immediately after finishing the last page to give out as Christmas gifts. Whether you play volleyball or not, highly recommend this book!”

  • Meagan C

“I LOVE this book ! Tri and Travis have really touched on so many aspects of life and this work of art is invaluable to all youth in whatever situation they are in .. life skills, emotions, empathy , sympathy , … It’s all encompassing ! Can’t wait to share in all circles!! Thank you for writing with such heart!”

  • Amazon Customer

“This is the first book my 13 year old daughter read beginning to end. It was exciting for her to read about players she admires and how they became so successful. Most importantly, it was also filled with life lessons that were told in a way she will always remember.”

  • Heidi Ostovar

“I am an avid volleyball player and fan. I am already a huge fan of Travis (both his writing and his rising pro vball career). If you haven’t read his book “We were kings…” then stop what you are doing and go buy it right now, it’s excellent. Anyway, back to this book. Both my daughters are just starting on the club vball scene, so I thought this would be a fun book for them to read – such a positive message written into an entertaining and engaging tale. Not only did they enjoy (and hopefully be inspired by) the book, I read it also and enjoyed it!”

  • Derek Dedman