At USC Beach Volleyball, Dain Blanton, Delaynie Maple and Megan Kraft are looking to do something unprecedented in the world of NCAA Beach Volleyball: Win four consecutive NCAA Championships. They’ve won three straight, with 2023 being the biggest surprise of the bunch, if there is such a thing at USC. Now, they’re back for a fourth, doing everything they can to not think about winning a fourth straight. We chatted all about that, as well as:

  • How the USC team culture continues to produce winner after winner after winner
  • What it was like for Blanton to replace the legendary Anna Collier
  • Kraft’s professional season playing with Emily Stockman and finishing with Terese Cannon
  • How the previous generation of greats – Tina Graudina, Julia Scoles, Hailey Harward, Sammy Slater – paved the way for this current generation.

And a whole lot more.



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