I’m not exactly back, BUT things are finally getting interesting for me!

I’ve been touching the ball and hitting the gym for a few weeks now and mentally it feels amazing. Physically, it hurts so good.

My health is not totally under control but things seem promising. Can your health ever be totally under control?

Despite being asked [rightly so] almost daily about when l’ll come back and who I’ll be playing with by fans and peers, over the last year or so I did my best to not think about what the future might hold for me in the beach volleyball arena. Now that I’m feeling better and getting my health under control, I’ve finally allowed myself to start thinking about what kind of future I want to manifest for myself for [the beginning of] the rest of my career. 

I’ve been enjoying watching NBA free agency because I feel like I can relate those athletes who have to decide where to play and what contracts to take. It’s exciting, yet stressful… I wish I had their “$$ problems”. 😉

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As of right now there are still quite a few unknowns, but I’ve recently learned to embrace the challenges that the unknown brings to my life.

A quote that has stuck with me over the last few months is, “The best way to know the future is to create it.” – Honest Abe.

So despite currently not knowing whether I’ll for sure be ready to play, I signed up for the Moscow and Vienna FIVBs after realizing that in order to even have an opportunity to play I had to sign up 37 days in advance.

So there’s a possibility that I play this season… As far as the domestic tour, I don’t know what my plans are yet. Luckily they don’t make you sign up over a month in advance.

Anyway, listen in to the podcast for updates on my status… Shoots then!

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