KETCHIKAN, Alaska – We thought it was a good idea, to climb up the rickety rope ladder, wobble across the rickety wooden planks, and take in our hands an old rope swing tied to a tree branch that looked less than convincing. Not that any of that mattered. We never got past the rope swing. My brother-in-law, Jake, slipped out of our kayak, attempted to climb up the rope swing, wisely thought better of it as he swayed back and forth over sharp and legitimately dangerous rocks, and then attempted to slip back in the kayak.

He did not slip back into the kayak.

Instead, his weight on the side began tipping the kayak, to the point that my weight began tipping to his side of the kayak, and soon I was upside down, the kayak was flipped, and the sunglasses on my head – all-black Goodr shades named A Ginger’s Soul – were sinking to the bottom of the beautiful and clear but all-too deep Pacific Ocean.

I loved those Goodr shades.

It’s a good thing they’re only 25 bucks.

Goodr is giving SANDCAST listeners FREE SHIPPING on your first order! You can go to and use code SANDCAST to get FREE shipping.

It’s one of many appeals to Goodr, the low-cost yet 100 percent polarized and stylish shades with the hilarious names, such as A Ginger’s Soul. They even have a one-year warranty, too, though that only covers scratches and breaks, not permanent deep dives into the Pacific, unfortunately. And even if you don’t need the warranty, there’s still the 30-day guarantee, should you not like them for some reason.

I can’t think of a reason you wouldn’t like them, honestly. In the previous five years playing professional beach volleyball, I’ve worn a lot of sunglasses of all brands and shapes and sizes and styles. Goodr, despite the teeny, tiny price tag when compared to the market leaders, makes as high quality sunglasses as anybody. I’m not even just writing that because I am, in a way, paid to write that, as Goodr is our newest sponsor of SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball with Tri Bourne and Travis Mewhirter.

We only take on sponsors we legitimately, genuinely use, enjoy using, and would like you to enjoy using, too. I’ve worn those Goodrs every day since our initial box arrived, which included, for me, the all-black Ginger’s Soul sunglasses as well as the blue mirrored lenses dubbed Mick and Keith’s Midnight Ramble.

I don’t know who comes up with these names, but I’d like to meet them.

And if you don’t trust me, and my own recommendations, you can, I believe it’s safe to say, trust the 1,595 five-star reviews of Mick and Keith’s Midnight Ramble – literally a perfect score. A Ginger’s Soul actually has more than double those reviews – and still a perfect five-star score.

I’ve worn them both on the court and off, in kayaks (unfortunately) and on hikes, trips to the grocery store and, yes, while recording my Road to Paris series. They’ll do anywhere you need to go, although I must say I do not advised swimming, for Goodrs, as multi-faceted as they are in their strengths, do not swim.

For anything else, however, they’re the goodest pair of sunglasses you’ll find – all for just $25.