In a partnership that seems way too long to have taken, SANDCAST and Better at Beach are teaming up to provide you, dear beach volleyball player or listener or reader or fan, the most affordable way to get better at beach volleyball.

For the past several years, Mark Burik and Brandon Joyner and the Better at Beach crew have built a beast of an online database educating beach volleyball players at all levels, from novice to open, how to get better at beach volleyball. They have workout programs for beach volleyball, week-long camps for beach volleyball, a quick weekend trip for beach volleyball, and masterclasses on each skill – passing, setting, siding out, serving, defense. You name it, they have it.

With the discount code SANDCAST, you get 10 percent off all of their products.

From an anecdotal and personal perspective, I couldn’t recommend their camps enough. They are a full-immersion experience of beach volleyball. You wake up and drill or compete. You eat lunch with your peers. You then either drill or compete in the afternoon…and then get dinner with your peers, where the conversations are dominated by, of course, beach volleyball. They’re one of the surest manners to improve your beach volleyball game while also having a hell of a good time. The last one I worked was in Salt Lake City, Utah, with JM Plummer, and I still run into people from that camp on a regular basis who remember a tidbit here or little cue there that helped them with whatever skill we were working on.

If you don’t know Brandon or Mark and want to know a bit more about the Better at Beach vibe and mission, we had a fun podcast with them last year, chatting about the company’s history, their partnership, and the growth of the company. It’s been fun to follow their journey and even more fun to be a part of the ride as a part-time coach.