One needn’t look particularly hard or far or wide to find the deep connection between Hawaii and American professional beach volleyball in 2022.

The team who won the most AVP titles on Tour this season? Tri Bourne and Trevor Crabb, a pair of Hawaii natives, raised on Oahu, who learned the game on the now-famed Baby Court at the Outrigger Canoe Club. The team who claimed the inaugural Phoenix Gold Series Championships? Taylor Crabb and Taylor Sander, the former of whom is the brother of Trevor Crabb and whose Hawaiian roots run equally deep, while the latter is partnered with Waiakea himself.

And yet, no matter who was on the court, be it the Crabbs or Bourne or a team hailing far from the Islands of Hawaii, the presence of Hawaii could still be felt with every sip of water taken from fans and players alike. Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water was a ubiquitous presence on the beaches this summer. The players boxes were filled to the brim with its waters. One could be found in the hand of virtually every fan throughout the long and hot days of the AVP competition. Even if you weren’t in attendance, you’d see and hear the name Waiākea, with commercials shot and produced by Hawaii natives Riley and Maddison McKibbin regularly popping up on the stream.

It was everywhere. And its presence is only getting bigger in the beach volleyball community, as SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball with Tri Bourne and Travis Mewhirter, just inked a three-year deal with Waiākea.

We’re stoked to be partnered with a company we love – and one you should love as well.

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As beach volleyball players, we’re naturally attuned to the environment, forever conscious about the health of our beaches and oceans. The casual observer may have taken a look at the recycling bins overflowing with hundreds of Waiākea bottles and, at first blush, figured it to be a colossal waste. But that casual observer would figure wrong. Waiākea sources its water on the Hilo side of the Big Island, one of the rainiest places on the planet. It produces a sustainable yield of 393 million gallons per day, and Waiākea uses less than .003 percent of that yield.

The bottles themselves are actually improving the environment, not taking away from it, as they are made of 100 percent post-consumer recycled oceanbound plastic. Each bottle you saw in those recycling bins? They removed the equivalent of five water bottles from oceanbound beaches, waterways, and cities.

It’s a strange thing, to imagine the creation of one water bottle actually removing the impact of five, but that’s exactly what Waiākea does. Nor does it stop there. Waiākea has a dedicated presence in communities both local and global, giving to those in Hawaii via the Kokua Initiative to support the local food bank and non-profits. In the U.S., Waiākea has partnered with ambassadors you’ll recognize: Klay Thompson of the Warriors, Aaron Judge of the Yankees, and Myles Garret, among others. Globally, Waiākea provides a month’s worth of clean water to the people of Malawi, Africa, for every case of water purchased.

Waiākea is, in short, everything we seek in a partner at SANDCAST: a perfect mesh for our active lifestyles, a product we both use and love, a company who makes our world a better place in which to live.

If you want to purchase any Waiākea products online, use our discount code SANDCAST and get 20 percent off your order.