Perhaps it would be most appropriate to begin with the finals. But that isn’t what I remember most about the 2016 Laguna Open. I doubt it’s what anybody remembers most about the 2016 Laguna Beach Open. (If we’re all being honest, free chocolate milk from the angels at Yoo-hoo might actually be what I remember the most).

In much the same way that the Olympic Games delivered its most memorable matches in the quarterfinals – Dalhausser and Lucena vs. Alison and Bruno; the unforgettable marathon between Cuba and Russia – so, too, did Laguna.

Skyler McCoy and Jon Mesko played Chase Frishman and Mike Brunsting in one of those weirdly indelible matches where nothing was on the line – they were both in the winner’s bracket – and yet everything, it seemed, was on the line.

Laguna, of course, cooperated perfectly.

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