Welcome back to our new series: Practice With The Pros! Stoked to be adding this one to the podcast this year. Now that we’ve had the best warm-up in the whole wide world with Andy Benesh and Evan Cory, we’re now moving onto passing, the most foundational skill in the game. This is a full passing progression, beginning with:

Meat and Potatoes Passing: One person hits a downball from mid-court, another hits a full-length float serve, while the third player passes to a specific target. After 10 total passes, switch to serving from the angle. Then switch passers. Then switch sides.

The second progression is what we call 5X5X5 Passing. Each player gets five serves from the line, five from the seam, five from the angle. Then switch sides.

The final progression we compete: Server vs. Passer. The passers can only get a point on a pass that is deemed optionable. The server can earn a point on an out of system pass, an ace, or a naked ace. An in-system but not optionable pass is a wash. Let us know what you think!