Sandcast: A Beach Volleyball Podcast

The most popular beach volleyball podcast in the world, for the players, by the players.


SANDCAST is the most-downloaded beach volleyball podcast in the world. Founded in October of 2017 by Tri Bourne and Travis Mewhirter, SANDCAST has published more than 300 episodes and is closing in one 1 million downloads. Its YouTube Channel is quickly growing as well, with all episodes uploaded in high definition video, as well as a number of off-shoots of the brand. Mewhirter has added a Road to Paris feature, breaking down the 2024 Olympic race; Bourne has extended his Bourne on the Beach vlog, taking viewers behind the scenes of his AVP tournaments; and Savvy Simo, the lovely third host, both moderates the popular fan question episodes and hosts her own off-shoot, Simply Savvy, exploring players’ interests off the sand.

Since its inception, SANDCAST has become the most-downloaded volleyball podcast in the United States, Sweden, Japan, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, and Switzerland, among other countries at various points in time. Episodes have been recorded both domestically and internationally, from Hermosa Beach to Bulgaria, Russia to Myrtle Beach, Mexico to Maryland.


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