Mark Burik and Brandon Joyner are the founders of one of the coolest companies in all of beach volleyball: Better at Beach.

Together, they may have touched more lives in the world of beach volleyball than any two individuals, coaching, creating online programs and classes, running camps across the country, from Salt Lake City to St. Petersburg, Florida. Their work is allowing others to get Better at Beach, while also just improving the entire community as they go.

On this episode, Mewhirter, Burik, and Joyner chat about:

– How Better at Beach successfully rebranded from VolleyCamp Hermosa

– What Burik has learned in becoming a full-time entrepreneur, and why he can’t go back to a typical job

How Brandon Joyner, a Virginia Beach guy, left his steady job as a teacher and moved to California to work with Better at Beach

– How awesome it has been to see Better at Beach explode across the country, in every beach volleyball nook and cranny there is