This episode of SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball with Tri Bourne and Travis Mewhirter features our regular guest host, Savvy Simo, who is currently in Doha, competing in her first OLYMPIC QUALIFYING event, and Lexy Denaburg, her former partner at UCLA who is now charged with leading a deeply talented Bruins team. Denaburg is, simply, awesome. A lovely, gracious, humble 21-year-old out of Florida who you should absolutely watch at some point in the near future. Already an All-American, she is one of the most talented players in NCAA Beach Volleyball right now. We chatted about all manner of topics, including:

  • UCLA coming into the 2023 season as the clear No. 1 and favorite to win an NCAA Championship
  • The impact of the senior class before Denaburg, and how she is now finding herself in a leadership position
  • How her addiction to weight training was actually an issue (a good issue for a college student…) and how she’s learning to take care of her body
  • What it’s like being at the top of the NCAA Beach Volleyball food chain – and how that’ll only make her and her teammates better



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