Last week on SANDCAST, hosts Tri Bourne and Travis Mewhirter sat down with Katie Spieler, one of the smallest — if not the smallest — players on the AVP Tour. Her height, though, has never been a hindrance, just a number, really.

In actuality, it’s possible that standing 5-foot-5 has helped develop Spieler into the inexhaustible, creative, exhilarating player she is.

Per usual on SANDCAST, the final question asked Spieler what her one piece of advice would be to up-and-coming beach volleyball players. Hers is below.

“Get out there and play as much as possible. Growing up at East Beach, I would just go down and play with older guys or pickup games all day on the weekends and I think that’s when I really learned that I, a) loved the sport, and b) just a lot of different ways to score. So I don’t think you necessarily need to play for a club, even though that’s great if you have the resources to do so. Just that we are able to go down to the beach, grab a ball, maybe pick up a player and get better is great. So just get out there.”