This week on SANDCAST, we had the inimitable Eric Zaun on the podcast.

Of course, at the end of every podcast, we ask our guest if they had to give one piece of advice to any up and coming beach volleyball player, what that piece of advice would be. Zaun’s was, as you could have guessed, rather unique.

Here’s what Danny Fahrenheit had to say:

“So, what I’ve been doing since — it’s kind of advice for everyone, since everyone can learn a lot from me. So I realized that I might die on my trip to South America. So I was planning this about three months ago and I realized I might die.

“People say to live every day like it’s you’re going to die tomorrow, but you can’t do that because then you’d just have a party with your friends every night. It’s impossible. So live every day like you’re going to die in three months, because I’d still be playing volleyball, I’d still be training, I’d still be going to these tournaments, would care less about little dumb stuff, outside things, and just appreciate you have a great life. I have a great family, I’m real fortunate about that.

“I’ve seriously been living these last couple months like I might die in three months. So to any of you kids out there, just have a good time. This sport’s fun and if you stress out over it too much you’re not going to have as much fun so just live like you’re going to die in South America in three months.”