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Riley McKibbin, and the rise of one of beach volleyball’s most influential voices

This week, we had Riley McKibbin on the podcast, and he is honestly one of the sharpest minds not just in beach volleyball, but all of sport. The editing genius behind the McKibbin YouTube Channel, Riley is now a father to adorable baby girl Storm, and, alongside Maddison McKibbin and Cory Salter of SharpeVision, he’s putting on an epic four-man event (more on that below). With Travis still getting clobbered by jetlag from his European journeys — read more on that here — this week’s podcast was a Hawai’ian exclusive, with Tri and Riley chatting for nearly an hour and a half until the memory card ran out of gas.

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Riley McKibbin

McKibbins, SharpeVision hosting epic four-man tournament in Austin, Texas

Three years ago, Riley and Maddison McKibbin took a $4,000 sponsorship from Dollar Shave Club and, instead of pocketing it, turned it into prize money for an indelible four-man matchup featuring AVP and NBA stars. Last year, they hosted an invitational four-man tournament at 16th Street in Hermosa Beach, pitting California vs. Hawai’i vs. Texas. Now they’re upping the ante, taking their annual four-man tournament to Austin, Texas, partnering with SharpeVision to boast a $20,000 purse an an event that features five Olympians and 11 AVP champions — 11! Tickets, which cost $30 each, have already been sold out.

Check out the McKibbins’ YouTube preview of the event.

Final thoughts on World Tour Finals

The FIVB season came to a close last weekend with the conclusion of the World Tour Finals, which was won by Norway’s Anders Mol and Christian Sorum — surprise, surprise — and Germany’s Karla Borger and Julia Sude (this is an actual surprise). Travis, who writes full-time for Volleyball World, recapped both the men’s and women’s sides.

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