Well hello, Beach Volleyball Friends,

There is literally no better season on planet Earth than California Fall — the locals’ summer, as it’s known in the South Bay or, as Kent Steffes lovingly calls it, ‘The Goo.’ Typically, there isn’t much to chat about this time of year; everyone is usually beginning their winter hibernations, secretly texting and calling prospective partners for the upcoming season.

Well, secret’s out, guys. Kelly Cheng and Sara Hughes, the most dominant duo in NCAA beach volleyball history, are back together. They’ll make their debut as a team at the Huntington Beach Tour Series in November before hitting an Elite 16 in Australia to end the year. Where the rest of the dominoes fall, we don’t yet know, but we do have a look at the many, many possibilities.

Meanwhile, in Dubai, where it feels like half the AVP players are, a few unexpected partner swaps have happened at the last minute. Julia Scoles, who made her international debut with Zana Muno in the Maldives, picked up Katie Horton after that partnership ended prematurely. And Paul Lotman will, alas, not lose any more jousts to Taylor Crabb, as Crabb swapped him into the Challenger to replace Taylor Sander, for reasons we don’t know.

Molly Turner, however, finally didn’t need to change partners, as she did all season. She’s competing with Maddie Anderson, beginning in Saturday’s qualifier. We sat down and chatted all about it on SANDCAST this week.

Molly Turner, taking the hard road in 2022: ‘Let’s see if you can do it.’

This week’s episode of SANDCAST brings on Molly Turner, one of the toughest, grittiest, go-get-after-it players on Tour. She had a choice this year: To play the points game and scramble around just to be directly into the main draw, or play the game to win, in which she’d begin in the qualifiers but give herself the highest ceiling possible. The result? A career-high in every single category in 2022. We chatted all about her gold medals, her wins in Seaside and Laguna, and a whole lot more.

Meanwhile, for the rest of us normal folks — normal meaning pretty much only Tri, actually — it’s off-season. We’ve had a number of fans and players alike asking how to capitalize on those precious off-season months.

How to make the most during the beach volleyball off-season

This week’s Quick Set episode of SANDCAST features a snippet from our always-popular fan question segment, when Tri Bourne, Travis Mewhirter, and Savvy Simo were asked how to make the most out of the beach volleyball off-season. Are we at the off-season yet? Kinda, sorta, not really, but still, sorta. Simo is in Dubai, Mewhirter is about to hit the Dominican, Huntington Beach, Cairo, and Central Florida, while Tri is actually in his off-season. But still, by December, we’ll all be there, shooting for the same goal:

The Volleyball World Report, and other beach news

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Tri and Travis (and Savvy)