Happy Tuesday everyone,


Who else needs a nap?

I do.

In the past 10 days, I commentated 36 matches, wrote 14 (now 15) stories, produced four YouTube videos, and recorded a few podcasts. Hope you enjoyed, because by the end of my Great Mexico Adventure, I had no idea what was coming out of my mouth on Volleyball TV or what was being printed into digital ink. Hope it was at least in English.

What a wild ride World Championships was. Linked below is all the coverage I’d expect you’ll want to read:

Mark Rigney photo

This week in SANDCAST-Land

This week’s podcast featured one of the happiest, sweetest people in the world: Hailey Harward. She’s also gifted and hard-working to the point of being picked up by Alix Klineman, one of the best blockers of this generation.

Road To Paris in Mexico

We brought stud videographer, Daniel Freitas, aka Frito, down to Tlaxcala to bring highlights, recaps, and insight from the most important tournament of the year. La Maquina, or Producer Threeto, as he came to be known, produced four Road to Paris episodes, including today’s from Tlaxcala. You don’t want to miss any of them:

Jake Blucker, Unsplash

News Around the Beach

If you enjoy the podcast or this newsletter — or both! — we’d love it if you could share it out! Word of mouth is the best way we grow, so share the love, and as always, let us know any content you’d like to see more of (or less of) and we’ll make it happen!

Much Love to the sponsors

We finally have an alcohol sponsor! Bartender in a Box is fueling some fun conversations on SANDCAST with its Mai Tais and Margs. $20 for a box that’ll feed 12? We’ll take it! Be sure to check them out for your libation needs!

Hydration is absolutely everything to a beach volleyball player, especially staying hydrated in a manner that helps our beautiful environment. Which is why we are STOKED to partner with Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water for THREE YEARS! They offer all kinds of fantastic deals online, and good news for you (and us), you can get 20 PERCENT OFF using our discount code, Sandcast, at checkout. Aloha, y’all.

SANDCAST is fueled by a lovely mix of three main ingredients: We LOVE to do it, people enjoy listening to it, and sponsors fund our ability to do so. We only partner with sponsors we love, and we are so fired up to have Athletic Greens join the show! And they’re hooking up our listeners with a full year of Vitamin D for FREE, as well as five totally FREE travel packs!

We’ve been with Wilson Volleyball since day one, and we love the products they make — the best ball on the market, hands down, no questions asked. With season coming up, if you’re looking to get some new equipment, use our discount code: sandcast-20 for 20 PERCENT OFF.

Appreciate y’all for listening, reading, and loving the beach like we do.

Have a great week!


Tri and Travis (and Savvy)





See you at the Beach!

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