For six years, almost to the day, SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball with Tri Bourne and Travis Mewhirter, has been, unbelievably, bereft of an alcohol sponsor. Now, to be sure, we loved a good Kona Brew, but that was kudos of Bourne’s personal sponsorship with the Hawaiian brewer. And we do enjoy having the Crabbs on the show, who will typically come armed with something nice to drink, usually whiskey.

But we’ve never actually had one of our own.

Until now.

SANDCAST is partnering with Bartender in a Box, which is sort of exactly what it sounds like: A Box with the perfect, premium blend of 12 Mai Tai or Margaritas with more flavors emerging. All you do is shake your box, pour and enjoy – on a podcast, listening to a podcast, tailgating, bbq’ing (maybe while listening to SANDCAST) or in between games on the beach).

“Bartender In A Box was made for people just like us,” said Jim Lloyd, Founder of Bartender in a Box. “It’s about having fun and making the most of the precious time we have with one another. We’re a brand that helps us share good vibes, a few laughs with friends or family and not have to compromise quality due to inconvenience.”

Bartender In A Box is all about convenience. No need to tell your buddy who pours a bit too strong that maybe he should sit this one out. No need for a full roll of paper towels to clean up the inevitable mess that comes with amateurs shaking and pouring drinks themselves. No need to head to the bars for overpriced cocktails. No need to hire a professional bartender.

Yes, your own Bartender – in a $20 box. Whether your choice is Bartender in a Box Margarita or Mai Tai, the blend is perfect everytime.

We’ve been planning a “Friday Night Episode” or, as the indelible Eric Zaun might call it: Some “Season endin’ bendin’” for some time. Whether off-season or in-season, our Friday Night Bartender in a Box Season Endin’ Bendin’ might just be coming up soon. It’ll be an episode filled with laughs, ridiculousness, and a riotous good time – 12 drinks in a single podcast.