I traveled more than 82,000 miles last year. Hit 13 different countries and played in more than 20 beach volleyball tournaments. Tri Bourne wasn’t far off, competing in 12 tournaments, including the Olympic Games, in which he led the field in hitting percentage.

It’s a brutally taxing recipe for the body and mind, and to be sure, we had our nicks and aches throughout. Yet neither one of us got sick a single time. The reasons for this are myriad, of course – hydration, clean eating, sleep, breathing, etc. – yet there is one common denominator by which we both swear.

Athletic Greens.

I took Athletic Greens with me everywhere I went last year. Washed it down with waffles in Belgium, took a scoop before my daily two eggs and toast in Bulgaria. Chased my pizza in Italy with Athletic Greens and used it to fuel my biggest win to date in Sochi.

All of this green powder led my partner, Adam Roberts, to become an Athletic Greens disciple. At the age of 46 – going on roughly 22 – I can’t recall him so much as sneezing last year. So bought into the stuff was he that he ordered it for his parents back in Myrtle Beach and became an impromptu salesman for Athletic Greens.

All of this is a long way of saying that we are beyond stoked to welcome Athletic Greens as a sponsor of SANDCAST: Beach Volleyball with Tri Bourne and Travis Mewhirter.

Get your first order of Athletic Greens with 5 FREE bonus packs and a year’s supply of Vitamin D!

For four-plus years now, Tri and I have made a concerted effort to only advertise for companies we believe in and use regularly. Wilson makes the best balls in the beach volleyball market, hands down, which is why we’ve enjoyed a lovely four-year relationship with them that continues to be a win-win. Kona is a phenomenal island beer from Tri’s hometown, brews we enjoy over good conversations on the podcast.

Now we have Athletic Greens.

It’s a remarkable product, truly, packing 75 high-quality vitamins, minerals, whole-food sourced superfoods, probiotics, and adaptogens into one delicious scoop. And when I say delicious, I mean it.

Every other green supplement I’ve taken tasted as if you grabbed a fistful of earth, threw it into a blender, and tipped it back. They might have been healthy products, but they were just kinda gross, and I had trouble finishing them. Not Athletic Greens. It’s honestly a treat, mixing great with a little bit of water or almond milk, and it doesn’t leave little chunks of green stuff. It blends perfect and goes down smooth.

Some might balk at the price – a one-time purchase comes out to $3.30 per serving – but when you break it down for what it is, Athletic Greens is actually a phenomenal offer. Grab a smoothie at your local juicery and you’re going to shell out upwards of $10, every single time. Order a latte or coffee at your local coffee shop and you’ll find a similar price – and that’s just for coffee. That doesn’t include the nutrients you need to thrive every single day.

Athletic Greens is an investment in your health. Pay a small price per scoop today, save money on exorbitant health costs later. That’s actually exactly how the company was launched: the founder was shelling out $100 a month for various supplements to remain healthy. When he saw how out of control that was getting, he decided to create a product of his own, one that wrapped up all of his various supplements into one good-tasting powder.

Thus Athletic Greens was born.

To make it easy to get your first scoops, Athletic Greens is going to give you a FREE 1 year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D AND five FREE travel packs with your first purchase. All you have to do is visit athleticgreens.com/sandcast.

We’re fired up to join the Athletic Greens family.

We’ve been members for a long time.