Anders Mol and Christian Sorum are the No. 1 ranked beach volleyball team in the world and quite possibly the greatest team in the history of beach volleyball. Let the debate rage on. 

With last weekend’s victory at the Beach Volleyball World Championships, Mol and Sorum are currently holding the titles of: World Champions, Olympic Gold Medalists, European Champions (4x), and World Tour Finals Champions. It’s absurd, honestly. 

This is not a new episode with the Beach Volley Vikings. This is a blast from the past, when we had Mol and Sorum on SANDCAST when they were just beginning their run to the top of the world in 2018 — a run that has yet to stop or even slow. 

Enjoy this re-run with Anders Mol and Christian Sorum, where we chat about:

– Norway’s TopVolley Academy

– How the 2007 World Championships in Stavanger inspired them

– What it’s been like to rise to the top of the world

– Staying humble through all the success (and they’re still SO HUMBLE!) This video was shot by the @Beachvolley Vikings when they visited Tri Bourne’s house in 2018.